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Selim Pamuk

Prof.dr. Pamuk, DDS, PhD graduated from University of Istanbul Faculty of Dentistry in 1982. He finished his PhD studies in 1988. He became Associate Professor in 1991 and Professor in 1998 at the same faculty in Fixed Prosthodontics Department. He retired from dental faculty in 2008 and is currently working full time in his private office in Turkey and organizes implant and CAD/CAM courses. Prof. Pamuk published in many international and national journals and lectured in the international dental community for several years. Implants, dental esthetic, and CAD/CAM restorations are his main areas of interest.
Prof. Pamuk is the founder and president of Turkish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry.
He is the president of Implant Study Club of the Academy. Prof. Pamuk is also an active member of IADR (International Association for Dental Research) and the past president of Implant Research Group in IADR.

Digital workflow in implant supported restorations

Digital workflow in dentistry has three components. Acquisition of data, planning and designing the restoration with the help of computer and manufacturing of the restoration. These steps are common in every field of restorative dentistry. Volumetric tomography gives us detailed information on the implant site. Combined with proper software, it is possible to produce a surgical guide that facilitates the correct placement of implants. After the placement of implants, it is possible to take a digital impression and design the restoration, and most of the case restoration can be finished in one appointment. In this presentation, the steps of digital workflow for implant-supported restorations will be discussed in depth.

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